she was faking it?

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Story of the day

Before your minds fall deeper into the gutter, let me pull you out. NO, we’re not talking about… that.  Now that we’ve established this post as purely PG-13, let’s begin.

In one of my classes, there’s this girl that always has something to say.  A comment here, a question there, maybe even a challenge to our lovable old professor: she will undoubtedly open her mouth at some point during the lecture.  This may not be a big deal to some of you, but for the 200 students who deal with her everyday, it’s a HUGE DEAL!  Here’s the kicker: we suspect she’s been using a “fake British accent”.  My classmates around me snicker every time she talks, because her accent just doesn’t sound genuine.  It fades in and out and some words sound basically American.  It annoys us all beyond belief.

I’ve been on a mission to figure out whether or not this accent is real.  I see her every now and then in the dining halls.  The first time was a total fail; everyone around us was too loud for me to tell.  The second time I stood awkwardly next to her in line and asked what she thought of our “honey chicken special” for dinner. She responded in her British accent! I was shocked, but not convinced.  So at this point I want to just ask her because it drives me crazy to wonder about it every lecture period. But today, all that changed.

I noticed her coming out the dining hall around 1:30pm today, and was so stunned that this might be my chance to solve the mystery.  She walked towards the front door with two of her friends, and I followed behind her towards the lounge where I was heading.  Low and behold, she was speaking in the clearest American English you’d ever hear!!!! I couldn’t believe friggin’ believe it! Why would anyone want to live there life this way? This must take a lot of effort on her part to keep up a lie… and for what? Well, at least I know I can sleep at night from now on. Case closed.

  1. Jecca says:

    hahaha. what a lame. you should totally call her out on it next class. then see how she responds.

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