Butler Fever

Posted: April 6, 2010 in Sports

This team is legit.  And that’s just what they are: a team.  No superstars, “phenoms”, no overhyped players.  Everyone does their part and contributes something unique to the team.  They play very well together within the confines of legendary Hinkle Fieldhouse as well as just about anywhere else.  The Bulldogs enter the championship game with a tremendous win streak that the country hasn’t seen the likes of sense… well, Duke in ’99.  This should be an exciting match up.

They are a team of many names which includes mid-major, cinderella and underdog.  But what about “winners”?  Butler is a serious contender, and has been for years.  They are consistently make it to the Sweet Sixteen, and prove themselves day in and day out during the regular season.  I personally feel that they are just an excellent team that is well deserving of a championship.  And even if the Bulldogs don’t beat a tough Duke team tonight, they shouldn’t feel bad. In Indy, they’ve already won.  To make it this far is an amazing accomplishment, and I’m sure they are proud to be hometown heroes.  GOOD LUCK! GO BULLDOGS!

  1. Melissa says:

    I absolutely love this post! Go Dawgs!

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