spoken word #1

Posted: April 14, 2010 in Story of the day

I wrote this in hopes that I could perform it at a spoken word showcase. But I never had time to memorize something this long. Just try to feel the emotion that I would have delivered.  I hope you enjoy. Thanks.

Warmth… it felt like the sun’s rays directed at my face- feeling hot all over, and yet at the same time I got a chill- the hairs stood up on my arms and legs, all over.

That’s what happened when she strolled passed me – hmmm, it was a beautiful day at the park, not as beautiful as she.  I felt all giddy and stupid, mouth wide open, drooling and shit, starring hard as hell.  Yeah, I was literally starring, starring so hard that we broke the ice before saying a single word.

I got brave…

There was not another moment that went by before I decided that I could not let her leave without having the assurance that I would see her again.  I quickly, cautiously,  approached her from behind matching every stepped she made with mine, all while I tried to formulate the right pick up line, but I was blinded- not paying attention to the path in front of me, I clumsily bumped into her, scuffing my one’s and bruising her stiletto pumps.  Oh God why, when she is this damn fine, do I screw up THIS time, somebody give me a sign!!!!

She spun around and looked me up and down, got a quick peak at things before she uttered a word.  Silent we stood there, nothing either of us could say.  She gave me a quick once-over, maybe she saw that I was a strong black man, tall and lean with an intelligent mind to match.  I hope so, but my chances aren’t looking to hot right now.  Unknowingly, I continued to stare into those brown eyes… why couldn’t I say something?! I then glanced down and saw a pair of supple lips moving, and glossing, and grinning… I know she was speaking, but my sense of sight was the only one working at the moment.    And thank God it was.

Desperate to keep her interest, I panicked to fix the jumbled thoughts I had inside.  Should I tell her that I wanted to give her happiness every second of every day? Or maybe that her precious smile caught me off guard?  Perhaps that I want her to come back to my place? No, I should tell her that I want to treasure her caramel coated curves?  I could say that she inspires me to love better than I ever have?

Her lips were still moving… and I was yet to say anything. I feared that I ruined any chance of seeing her again.  As sweat trickled down to my chin, I only prayed that she did not think I was some kind of lunatic… some weirdo nigga starring at girls in the park on Wednesday afternoons.

Well, I broke out of my trance and finally said “I apologize, I’ll gladly repay you for the shoe, and treat you to a cup of coffee later? I’m just a little clumsy, my bad.”

She replied, “No that’s quite alright… my man got me a new pair just yesterday. It’s alright thanks anyway.”


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