Hello there!!! My name is Dave Harbin.  I’m a college student who enjoys taking photos and writing in my free time.  To maintain my sanity during hectic semesters, I relieve stress by taking a walk around campus with my headphones blasting Kings of Leon and A Tribe Called Quest (among others)  while snapping photos of just about everything.  It’s really calming and one of the best hobbies around.  I don’t care much for making money off my art, poetry or photography… I just enjoy it.  I want you to enjoy it too! Thanks for stopping by!!
My blog contains interesting stories about what I see in my everyday life, as well as opinions on a variety of topics ranging from music, sports, art and photography.  It proves to be very intriguing and fun to read.  I invite all criticism and commentary!
  1. Ading Justin says:

    You are too cool for words kuya dave!

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