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“Aja” by Steely Dan— w/ poll

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Music
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Father’s Day weekend was one of discovery.  While piling through my dad’s old CDs, I came across one I haven’t seen in years; the original vinyl record we had is long gone. “Aja” by Steely Dan.  It’s a smooth sounding album, soulful and 70’s. For the older crowd, let me take you way back… for the younger crowd, open your minds and groove to music that actually used instruments.  More oldies posts to come!


I’ve been on an old school rap music kick lately;  nothing past 1995, and yes that’s old for me. My iTunes “oldies” list consists of The Low End Theory, Midnight Marauders, Pete Rock, Lords of the Underground and a wealth of others. Early 90’s rap had a unique sound, with lyrics wrapped in soulful, jazz and blues melodies.  They don’t make ’em like this anymore.

Check out a few samples of what’s been blasting in my headphones this month.

Son of Ran

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Music
Have you ever noticed that when you type a single letter into Youtube’s search bar, a celebrity’s name comes up first?  I typed “E” and got Eminem, “J” and got Justin Beiber, and “L” got me Lady Gaga.  Well here’s an unknown celebrity that I think should come up first when “S” is typed.  His name is Son of Ran, a underground artist with a unique sound that needs to be heard by more.  Originally raised in Saint James, he now claims Sky City, California as home.  This Filipino master of words and imagery paints vivid portraits with his music, which uses jazz inspired melodies and a mixture of “ghetto tones”, he said.
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