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I don’t normally write haikus (pronounced ‘high-coo’), but I thought I’d give it a try.  I’ve written what I call a “Chaiku” (pronounced ‘shy-coo’), a combination of “Chi-town” and “Haiku”-  yeah, laugh it up, you know it’s clever.  Here are some 5-7-5 format poems representing various sides of Chicago.  Enjoy. Write your own in a comment!

Maybe next year, Cubs.

Don’t stop believin’, White sox.

Superbowl shuffle.

The Windy City,

I love that skyline and the

Taste of Chicago.

I walk along the

beach, through the “wild hundreds”

and Michigan Ave.

Repeat the 3-peat

and see Michael Jordan fly,

no one is better.


First things first: You can check out my website for all the Blackhawks Parade Pictures.    OR    click the photo to link to the website

Mind you, just about all my shots were taken above eye level; meaning I couldn’t see what I was shooting. These photos prove that it does take a little bit of luck to get great shots. Due to the incredible mass of people there, I held my camera high into the air just to see over the waving arms of crazy ‘hawks fans.  You had to be there to really understand the madness.

The streets of Chicago hosted about 2 million screaming fans, from toddlers in Toews jerseys to elderly men and women reminiscing on the 1961 championship. Die hards and fairweathers showed up for this historic event dressed in Stanley Cup Championship gear.  There was red as far as the eye can see.

Aside from the ridiculous heat that 2 million packed in people creates, the weather was perfect.  The Stanley Cup glistened in the sunlight as game winning scorer Patrick Kane hoisted it into the air.  This will truly be a day to remember.


I coach Filipino girls’ offensive/defensive line at school.

This is something that just sort of happened.  I’ve always seen myself as somewhat different for as long as I could remember.  As a youngster I really got into skateboarding, listened to scream-o rock music (still do), and wore 100% polyester dragon shirts to school… everyday. I wanted to be myself, and even though it’s not the average or stereotypical way of life for a young black boy growing up near Chicago, I liked it and that’s all that mattered.

I joined the Philippine Student Association at my university in hopes of broadening my horizon, and I became attached to the organization after a couple weeks of playing basketball with the guys and meeting some pretty cool people.  I joined their football team that plays UIC, Loyola, DePaul and NIU in a one day, tackle tournament in Chicago. The event is called Rice Bowl. I played defensive end for the men’s team and we went undefeated, taking home an awesome trophy in the process.

Long story short, I became Athletic Chair of the organization the next year and was  head coordinator for the annual tournament. There is also a women’s team which plays two-hand-touch.  When I became chair, I coached the girls offensive/defensive line  and set up all our practices.  It was hard work that year, but it paid off, as they  too went undefeated!  I was so proud of them, and was exhausted from the long year. The girls really heeded my advice and direction, and I couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated bunch.  They deserved to win.

We’ll try to bring home two trophies next year…

(Photo credits: hover over each photo to view photographers– check out their photos at and

CBS News Chief Correspondent and Contributing Correspondent for 60 Minutes delivered a vibrant speech at the University of Illinois about overcoming trial, and the importance of going through struggle before achieving success. He stressed that planning what you’ll be doing 20 years from now is crucial to gaining that success.

Event Flier

In one story, Pitts talks about a pretty interesting interview that fellow journalist Bryant Gumbel had with Mikhail Gorbachev. Check out the video link below!

spoken word #1

Posted: April 14, 2010 in Story of the day

I wrote this in hopes that I could perform it at a spoken word showcase. But I never had time to memorize something this long. Just try to feel the emotion that I would have delivered.  I hope you enjoy. Thanks.

Warmth… it felt like the sun’s rays directed at my face- feeling hot all over, and yet at the same time I got a chill- the hairs stood up on my arms and legs, all over.

That’s what happened when she strolled passed me – hmmm, it was a beautiful day at the park, not as beautiful as she.  I felt all giddy and stupid, mouth wide open, drooling and shit, starring hard as hell.  Yeah, I was literally starring, starring so hard that we broke the ice before saying a single word.

I got brave…

There was not another moment that went by before I decided that I could not let her leave without having the assurance that I would see her again.  I quickly, cautiously,  approached her from behind matching every stepped she made with mine, all while I tried to formulate the right pick up line, but I was blinded- not paying attention to the path in front of me, I clumsily bumped into her, scuffing my one’s and bruising her stiletto pumps.  Oh God why, when she is this damn fine, do I screw up THIS time, somebody give me a sign!!!!

She spun around and looked me up and down, got a quick peak at things before she uttered a word.  Silent we stood there, nothing either of us could say.  She gave me a quick once-over, maybe she saw that I was a strong black man, tall and lean with an intelligent mind to match.  I hope so, but my chances aren’t looking to hot right now.  Unknowingly, I continued to stare into those brown eyes… why couldn’t I say something?! I then glanced down and saw a pair of supple lips moving, and glossing, and grinning… I know she was speaking, but my sense of sight was the only one working at the moment.    And thank God it was.

Desperate to keep her interest, I panicked to fix the jumbled thoughts I had inside.  Should I tell her that I wanted to give her happiness every second of every day? Or maybe that her precious smile caught me off guard?  Perhaps that I want her to come back to my place? No, I should tell her that I want to treasure her caramel coated curves?  I could say that she inspires me to love better than I ever have?

Her lips were still moving… and I was yet to say anything. I feared that I ruined any chance of seeing her again.  As sweat trickled down to my chin, I only prayed that she did not think I was some kind of lunatic… some weirdo nigga starring at girls in the park on Wednesday afternoons.

Well, I broke out of my trance and finally said “I apologize, I’ll gladly repay you for the shoe, and treat you to a cup of coffee later? I’m just a little clumsy, my bad.”

She replied, “No that’s quite alright… my man got me a new pair just yesterday. It’s alright thanks anyway.”

she was faking it?

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Story of the day

Before your minds fall deeper into the gutter, let me pull you out. NO, we’re not talking about… that.  Now that we’ve established this post as purely PG-13, let’s begin.

In one of my classes, there’s this girl that always has something to say.  A comment here, a question there, maybe even a challenge to our lovable old professor: she will undoubtedly open her mouth at some point during the lecture.  This may not be a big deal to some of you, but for the 200 students who deal with her everyday, it’s a HUGE DEAL!  Here’s the kicker: we suspect she’s been using a “fake British accent”.  My classmates around me snicker every time she talks, because her accent just doesn’t sound genuine.  It fades in and out and some words sound basically American.  It annoys us all beyond belief.

I’ve been on a mission to figure out whether or not this accent is real.  I see her every now and then in the dining halls.  The first time was a total fail; everyone around us was too loud for me to tell.  The second time I stood awkwardly next to her in line and asked what she thought of our “honey chicken special” for dinner. She responded in her British accent! I was shocked, but not convinced.  So at this point I want to just ask her because it drives me crazy to wonder about it every lecture period. But today, all that changed.

I noticed her coming out the dining hall around 1:30pm today, and was so stunned that this might be my chance to solve the mystery.  She walked towards the front door with two of her friends, and I followed behind her towards the lounge where I was heading.  Low and behold, she was speaking in the clearest American English you’d ever hear!!!! I couldn’t believe friggin’ believe it! Why would anyone want to live there life this way? This must take a lot of effort on her part to keep up a lie… and for what? Well, at least I know I can sleep at night from now on. Case closed.