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I don’t normally write haikus (pronounced ‘high-coo’), but I thought I’d give it a try.  I’ve written what I call a “Chaiku” (pronounced ‘shy-coo’), a combination of “Chi-town” and “Haiku”-  yeah, laugh it up, you know it’s clever.  Here are some 5-7-5 format poems representing various sides of Chicago.  Enjoy. Write your own in a comment!

Maybe next year, Cubs.

Don’t stop believin’, White sox.

Superbowl shuffle.

The Windy City,

I love that skyline and the

Taste of Chicago.

I walk along the

beach, through the “wild hundreds”

and Michigan Ave.

Repeat the 3-peat

and see Michael Jordan fly,

no one is better.

“Aja” by Steely Dan— w/ poll

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Father’s Day weekend was one of discovery.  While piling through my dad’s old CDs, I came across one I haven’t seen in years; the original vinyl record we had is long gone. “Aja” by Steely Dan.  It’s a smooth sounding album, soulful and 70’s. For the older crowd, let me take you way back… for the younger crowd, open your minds and groove to music that actually used instruments.  More oldies posts to come!

A sloppy game 7 decided this epic series between storied rivals.  One thing I’m sure we’ll all recount is how gritty and unflashy this game was.  The “Green Machine” needed a little more oil, and the “Showtime”  Lakers looked more like “Slowtime”.  Who would come out victorious? Kobe and company! Not the team I was rooting for, but I’m not upset: I’m a Cubs fan, so I’m used to losing.
Image courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald
I want to talk about two players in particular.  So much can be said about the superstars of both teams, but i’m going to focus on two role players. Ray Allen first with his lack luster performance, and Ron Artest, jovial as can be and finally living up to his expectations.
One thing I must point out the abysmal shooting percentage of Ray Allen.  Wow, how can you be so good one series and then sink to the depts of your talent the next?  He missed way to many shots, not just 3 pointers either. “He don’t got game”. We got so used to seeing that beautifully crafted jumpshot go in 4-5 times per game. This game (not to mention that 0-13 game 3) was not vintage Ray Allen. Stop shooting 3s! 5-15 just isn’t going to cut it in the final game. Normally a very composed player, he seemed a bit tense tonight, as were many players on the floor.  Allen will be a free agent this summer.  There have been talks of him possibly joining the Chicago Bulls for a one year contract, thus a career wrap up for him. Can you imagine Ray Allen AND LeBron James on the same team.  Chicago is going to be burning with anticipation as the off-season hits.
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It was very heartwarming to see Ron Artest celebrating the win he contributed to so greatly.  Without his rebounds, last minute 3-pointer, and hard-nosed defense, the Celtics might be hoisting that trophy up right now.  Remember the riot he cause in Detroit a few years back- it’s a thing of the past.  The legal issues he’s dealt with- not a problem.  Drinking Hennessy during halftime as a Chicago Bull- don’t mention it.  All these basketball sins seem to be washed away by a Lakers championship baptism.  After bouncing around from team to team, it’s nice to see him settle down and humble himself as a respectable player should.  Way to go Ron. We’re proud of you.

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First things first: You can check out my website for all the Blackhawks Parade Pictures.    OR    click the photo to link to the website

Mind you, just about all my shots were taken above eye level; meaning I couldn’t see what I was shooting. These photos prove that it does take a little bit of luck to get great shots. Due to the incredible mass of people there, I held my camera high into the air just to see over the waving arms of crazy ‘hawks fans.  You had to be there to really understand the madness.

The streets of Chicago hosted about 2 million screaming fans, from toddlers in Toews jerseys to elderly men and women reminiscing on the 1961 championship. Die hards and fairweathers showed up for this historic event dressed in Stanley Cup Championship gear.  There was red as far as the eye can see.

Aside from the ridiculous heat that 2 million packed in people creates, the weather was perfect.  The Stanley Cup glistened in the sunlight as game winning scorer Patrick Kane hoisted it into the air.  This will truly be a day to remember.


Will update shortly

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Sorry readers, I have been very busy lately. But rest assured, I will have Blackhawk Parade photos up here by the end of the weekend. Until then, you can request my friendship on Facebook to see the album.

Dancer Pics

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I thought I’d show you all some different forms of dance.  The shots I’ve taken range from cultural to liturgical. Maybe you’ll be inspired to get up and try out a few new moves yourself!  Stand up, move to the beat and don’t be afraid to let loose a little. Click on photos for a clearer, larger image.


Hawaiian Luau

75-300 mm lens


75-300 mm lens, blurred edges

75-300 mm lens
Wide Angle lens
Speedlite 420EX flash
Which one will you try?